Get That Off the Beach Look - Sunless Tanning

Today, everyone seems to be searching for that deep summer tan. However, people are looking for safer alternatives that can be used year round. In the past, sunless tanning products would leave people with an orange glow. Now, there are a variety of products on the markets that can be used to achieve that warm summer glow, without the orange streaks.

Using a self tanner is definitely a time commitment. For the most part, all self tanners take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to begin working. If you include drying time, you could actually spend nearly 3 hours trying to achieve that summer glow. You will also need to factor in the once a week maintenance time as well.

Whether you are lying out in the sun, trying to get a tan or are using sunless tanners, the epidermis layer of your skin is where the tanning takes places. The epidermis is made up of several different layers. The top layer, the stratum corneum, is the layer of the epidermis that is affected when you use a sunless tanning product.

On the market today, there are sunless tanners, bronzers and even tanning pills. The tanners come in a variety of different forms such as, gels, creams, foams, lotions and misting sprays. The most effective of these products are ones that contain dihydroxyacetone or DHA. Dihydroxyacetone is a colorless sugar that works with the dead cells of the epidermis, causing the skin to change colors. Generally speaking, the color will last approximately five to seven days from the original application.

Self tanners that contain amino acid tyrosine are said to both stimulate and increase the amount of melanin formation. Therefore, they will accelerate the tanning process. However, there is currently no data that supports this claim.

The tanning pill, which contains canthaxanthin is not approved by the FDA to be used as a tanner. It is commonly used in certain foods as a color additive. When used in foods, it is used in small amounts. However, when used as a tanning product, it is used in much higher doses. After the pill is consumed, canthaxanthin is deposited throughout the entire body, including the skin. The deposits cause the skin to turn an orangish-brown color. It is important to note that such pills have been linked to a variety of side effects, including canthaxanthin retinopathy and hepatitis.

Bronzers are another popular form of sunless tanners. After these moisturizers and powders are applied they create a tan. This type of sunless tanner can easily be removed with water and soap. Similar to every day make-up, bronzers only tint the skin until it is washed off. is a website devoted to giving you the best tanning bed information on the net! Whether you're interested in purchasing a home tanning bed, or simply want to know more about spray tanning booths, we've got you covered!