How to Apply Your Sunless Tan at Home

Tip: you should exfoliate and get rid of your tan once a week and start from scratch to ensure your pores do not get clogged.

Focus on the following areas when exfoliating: Knees, elbows, ankles and feet.

The best way to exfoliate is to use soft, circular motions, which will encourage dead skin to move away.

If you are exfoliating off an old tan, make sure that you also use an exfoliating glove combined with exfoliating washes or a lofah. Use pumice on your feet.

Applying Your Tan - The Best Part!

Once you have exfoliated and dried your skin completely, you are now ready to apply your tanning product.

For creams, mousses, gels and milks, apply in even strokes, always moving your hands so that the tan sinks into your skin.

Wait 10 minutes then reapply the lotion if you want a deeper tan. If this is the first time using any of these products, wait 12 hours to see how it develops and then reapply.

For Sprays, ensure you are either standing in the bath or shower before applying, otherwise you will get the spray everywhere and your floors and surrounding furniture will become stained!

Apply the spray in circular motions, always spraying each body part continuously.

Tip: Apply self tanning product at night, approximately half an hour before bed so that when you wake up, your tan will have already developed. Plus, you won't have any bra lines. Just ensure that you are completely dry before getting between the sheets to avoid staining.

When applying to your face, use Vaseline on your eyebrows and face line to avoid any lines developing. Have cotton wool dipped in lemon juice on hand to remove any darker spots etc.

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