Indoor Tanning Lotion & You - What Are The Benefits?

"You have seen the commercials and advertisements for indoor tanning lotion but you arenít sure that itís right for you. Youíre a realistic person and youíre not afraid to admit that you donít think youíre anything like the models in those indoor tanning lotion ads. You arenít bleached blonde, you arenít flawless in a two-piece bathing suit, and you arenít blessed with the luxury of a large amount of time to spend in the tanning salon. But at the same time, youíre an attractive person with a concern for your appearance and an interest in tanning. So, is indoor tanning right for you?

Despite what tanning lotion ads might make us think, indoor tanning is great for a diverse group of people. People of both genders and all skin tones find that indoor tanning can provide them with a number of different benefits. And they also find that there are different tanning habits and schedules that they can adopt to suit their own specific tanning goals and their own busy lives. Just like with everything else, the ads for indoor tanning lotion donít tell the whole story; it might just have benefits that are great for you!

Many people find that there are a great number of benefits to using tanning lotion at an indoor tanning salon to give them the tan that they desire. Some of these benefits include:

ē A Great Tan! Thatís the number one benefit that youíre seeking when you go to an indoor tanning salon and youíre likely to find it if you pick the right salon and the right indoor tanning lotion.
ē A relaxing experience. Many people favor the indoor tanning salon over the outdoor tan because of the spa experience that surrounds it. Itís luxurious and indulgent and it might be right for you.
ē Professional advice. Most people who tan are just like you; educated but needing some assistance in understanding the right tanning lotions and indoor tanning practices. The staff at the salon can give you advice on those issues.
ē Quick tan. Indoor tanning gives you a tan more quickly than a natural tan will occur. And the use of indoor tanning lotion further speeds up the tanning process. This means you get the tan that you desire without having to invest time that you donít have.
ē Safe tanning. Many people are concerned about the health risks of tanning. When you use the right tanning lotion and an indoor tanning salon that is reputable, you reduce the risks of tanning.

These are just a few of the benefits that you can get from indoor tanning. Whether youíre concerned about the experience itself, your lack of know-how or the process of tanning, an indoor tanning salon can quell your fears. And in a short amount of time, you just might catch yourself doing a double-take as you walk past the mirrored glass of a swimsuit shop because that image reflected back at you looks strikingly similar to the people in the indoor tanning lotion ads that you thought were nothing like you.

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