Just Moments to a Great Tan

With busy lives and the growing concern that ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by standard tanning beds may be dangerous, spray on tanning booths are gaining in popularity.


When using a spray on tanning booth, you stand in the booth and an even mist of a tanning agent is sprayed over your body. In a manner of minutes, you have a good base tan, and with a couple of repeat visits, you have a tan to be proud of, unlike using tanning beds, which may require a dozen or more visits to get the same great color.


Additional products are also available which will help extend your three to five day spray on tan to a couple of weeks without a revisit to the tanning booth, and anything that can help keep you on schedule while still retaining the golden glow of a great tan is worth the investment.


Since these booths do not require you to spend time flat on your back or expose you to possible skin damaging and dehydrating UV rays, they are perfect for people who suffer from chronic back pain or who may be pregnant. Tanning booths are also perfect for people who need a tan for a special event but do not want to do the upkeep to maintain a year round tan. For example, teenagers preparing for the prom, especially those who live in colder climates, may find it beneficial to go in for one or two spray on tanning booth sessions before the big event. Couples preparing for a winter trip to the tropics may want to splurge on a base tan before leaving snow laden streets and pasty white thighs to lay out on sunny beaches in skimpy swimwear.


To locate spray on tanning booths, contact your local tanning salon. With the growing popularity of these types of tanning devices, chances are good you will find a booth to meet your needs right in your own neighborhood.


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