Should I Use Tanning Products?

"There are a number of tanning products on the market today and so you might be having trouble figuring out which ones are the right ones for you. But you shouldn’t be questioning whether or not to use them at all. Whether you’re looking at products that will help you more safely achieve a natural tan when you’re out in the sun or you’re considering products that can maximize the benefits of the indoor tanning experience, you definitely need to have the right products for your situation. Without these products, you run the risk of damaging your skin. At the very least, you minimize the benefits of tanning.

Out of all of the tanning products, the one that you need to make sure to put on your list is tanning lotion. There are different kinds of tanning lotions that serve different purposes so you’ll have to do your research and consider your needs before you pick the final bottled or two, but there’s little doubt that this is a tanning product that should always be at hand. Tanning lotions provide the moisturizing that your skin needs to most effectively (and least harmfully) maximize the benefits of tanning.

Although tanning lotion is the most important of the tanning products, you will likely need other products as well depending on your tanning situation. Some of the tanning products that you might consider adding to your salon bag include:

• Sunless Tanner – This product is used without exposure to the sun or to a tanning bed. This product is right for people who are seeking to get a temporary tan without sun exposure. It’s commonly known as “spray-on” tan and is for the purpose of appearance.

• Bronzer – Like sunless tanner, bronzer is a product which is only temporary. You should use this product in the same way that you would use cosmetic make-up. Note that there are tingling and non-tingling bronzers and that the tingling kind is only for those people who are experienced at tanning.

• Tanning Pills – Some people choose to take tanning pills which are said to improve the appearance of the skin. These are not currently FDA approved.

• Tanning Accelerator – This is used on a daily basis to stimulate the body into better tanning ability. You should discuss its use with your tanning salon professionals if you are considering this product.

• Tan Extender Lotion – This is one of the more popular tanning products among people who regularly tan, especially those who tan indoors in a controlled environment. It allows the body to continue tanning even after the tanning bed has been left for the day.

So, the question really isn’t whether or not you should use tanning products but rather, which tanning products are right for you. Everyone can benefit from tanning whether it’s just for cosmetic reasons or to improve the overall health of your skin. Tanning lotions are the product to start with you but you can go from there as your experience with tanning grows."

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