Spray On Tans

Traditional methods of tanning are simply exposing the skin to UVA and UVB through sunlight. Those areas that are exposed to the sun acquire a tan. It is a simple process and sunning on a cold winter day may cause tanning of skin too. People need to realize that all skin types cannot handle such exposure too well. Darker skinned people have stronger resistance to sunrays as compared to lighter skinned individuals.

A number of people tend to be sensitive to the sun's ultraviolet rays and can be exposed to sunburn in the process of tanning. Apart from being harmful such an experience could be very painful too. People may even develop an itchy rash and experience continuous peeling of the skin. Too much natural tanning accelerates ageing of the skin. This leads to development of wrinkles, skin damage and raises risks of skin cancer. Yet people desire to acquire a tan despite such severe downsides. In order to fulfill such needs, a number of manufacturers have developed spray tans.

Spray tans have been well accepted, as they eliminate many dangers related to sun tanning. These tin sprays are trendy and convenient to use. They are so simple to use that it is not necessary to go to a tanning salon to use the spray. They can be used at home to acquire a desired effect in a short span of time. Though some users vouch for the golden tanning effect they provide, critics have suggested that spray tanning can look artificial and even out of place at times. Spray tans contain the permitted 8% DHA formula that has been sanctioned by the FDA. Such sprays can be purchased at local stores and online. Certain manufacturers even offer a free can on purchases. Prior to finalizing a deal, it is advisable check consumer policies and preferably purchase from reputed branded companies only.

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