Sunless Tanning Lotion

The word ďtanĒ means a softening of any kind of skin so that it looks fresh and wrinkle free. The concept of sunless tanning is the same as that is applicable in a suntan in that it protects our skin from harmful rays, as well as from skin cancer. This gives a natural tan look to the usersí skins. All sunless tanning is called indoor tanning and is done with the application of a lotion containing DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), which is an extraction from sugar cane. This substance stains the skin surface and makes it fade like a suntan, as skin cells are naturally shed.

Sunless tanning lotions allow the skin to get a tan without the harmful drying effects of the sun. They contain protective moisturizers to save the skin from damage, as in the tanning salon, the rays are very intense in order that a tan is achieved in a short time.

Exclusive formulations of rich almond oil and specially selected natural herbs are extremely effective in maintaining the skin color by restoring dry, peeling, flaking, and dull skin into skin having a healthy, youthful glow. Some companies offer sunless tanning lotions with a color-enhancer formula that is designed to improve the skin tone, skin color, and skin texture. The naturally blended, luxurious, light body oils in them are claimed to allow the skin to breathe and to show the true natural skin color. These formulations also contain moisturizers that soften the skin.

There are self-tanning sunless tanning lotions also available that promise to give a long-lasting, deep, dark tan instantly. Research is in progress to improve the tonality of sunless tanning on skin. These self-tanning agents do not give a real tan, but increase the melanin levels of the skin. These agents do not go deep into the layers of the skin. They depend on the reaction between DHA and skin proteins. They react with amino acids and the skinís carotene to produce color compounds. The tan can last for three to four days. It is possible to improve the skinís tonality from DHA-induced sunless tan ó which often lies outside the ""natural"" tan ó for a "natural" look.

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