Sunless Tanning Products That Work

As summer approaches any people (especially young adults) start to think about the awesome sun tan they plan on obtaining in the coming summer months. In theory it sounds great Ė I mean who doesnít want to develop a deep rich looking suntan that helps to show off their good looks! Sun tanning is an extremely popular pastime for many of our young adults but unfortunately there are always a few that over do their sun enjoying and absorbing efforts resulting in a painful condition known as sunburn. Not only is this condition extremely painful but it can also have deadly consequences later on in life. There are many ways to achieve a tan without having to expose your body and skin cells to the harmful rays of the sun. The idea of sunless tanning originated sometime n the 1960ís with the advent of the first sunless tanning lotion. Since that time many companies have developed their own products and methods of obtaining a real colorful looking suntan without the harmful affects of the sun. Letís explore some in the next few paragraphs.

There are many popular brands of whatís known as a self tanning lotion. These self tanners come in the form of a cream or foam type application. There are also some spray on types of sunless tanning lotions that help you get a tanned body without harmful exposure to the direct rays of the sun. Airbrushing is another popular method of acquiring a sun less tan. This sunless tanning mist works due to the ingredient DHA (which is recognized and acknowledged as a potent sunless tanning chemical). Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a sugar that is colorless but when applied to the body produces a nice tanning affect that generally lasts anywhere from 7 to 10 days before eventually fading. Many of these airbrush tanning misters also contain aloe vera as a substance in their composition.

Tanning pills are another viable option that many would be tan seekers have resulted to trying. They are comprised of canthaxanthin which is a pigment based product. Be careful when using these types of self tanning products to alter your skin cell color as they have been known to have some rather alarming side effects such as hepatitis and turning your skin an orange incarnation instead of the dark golden brown color that many tanners seek.

No matter what method of sunless tanning you prefer to use they all suffer from a short duration of effect. This means that several applications and reapplications will be needed in order to maintain your tanned condition through the long summers. Finally, although you may look tan you can still suffer from the sunís harmful rays and receive a painful sunburn because the sunless tanning products only work on the top layer of the epidermis or skin cell structure. The sunís rays actually tan your body all the way down to the lowest or deepest level of your skinís cellular composition.

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