Tanning 101 - When Should I Use Tanning Lotion?

"Nobody has to sell you on the use of tanning lotion. You already know that it is important to use tanning lotion to get a better tan at a faster rate with less risk of damage from the sun. And you might even know that using tanning lotion has a number of additional benefits such as moisturizing your skin to act as an anti-aging agent. But that doesn’t mean that you know everything that there is to know about tanning lotion. Many people know that they need to use the product but are confused about the details, such as how much tanning lotion to use and what kind of tanning lotion to use. And one of the most commonly asked questions about tanning lotion is when to use it.

Here are the basics that you should know about when to use tanning lotion:

• Before you tan. Tanning lotion helps to even out the tan and speed up to process of tanning so you should apply it before you tan. How much before depends on your tanning lotion and your tanning habits. Read the instructions on your tanning lotion and talk with someone at your salon to figure out how soon before your tan to apply the lotion.
• Before bed. Many people use tanning lotions that are applied before they go to bed. They soak into the skin during sleep and are effective the following day. Some people find that this is great because they can put on old clothes and go to sleep without having to think about the lotion ruining their daily wear or affecting their routine.
• At the end of your tan. Many people use a tanning lotion extender at the end of their tan. What this product does is allows your body to continue tanning even though you’re leaving the salon (or the sun). Using the right tanning lotion at this time can give you a better tan with less effort on your part.
• Daily. Many people use a low-level tanning lotion on a daily basis to help moisturize their skin and prevent aging effects of the sun. This also enhances the tan.
• Understand that there are going to be variations in when you should use tanning lotion depending on your personal tanning details. Your skin tone, texture, tanning plan, tanning goals and other highly personal factors will affect when you should use tanning lotion. Discuss these details with a professional at a local indoor tanning salon to make sure that you use tanning lotion in the way that’s right for you.

You’ve already gotten your basics covered if you know that you need to use tanning lotion to get a good tan. Working out the details of the right tanning lotion and tanning practices for your body is just a matter of investing a little bit more time in finding out what works for you. Before you know it, you’ll feel like an expert on when to use tanning lotion and other details about tanning!"

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