The Truth About An Airbrush Tan

There is nothing more beautiful than a radiant, sun-kissed tan. But, what is the sun is as unhealthy as many experts believe it to be? Many people turn to an airbrush tan for complete coverage, which further proves that the popular, and safest, way to get that perfect golden hue is out of a bottle. Self-tanning products are more popular than ever and, depending on the product you choose, your tan may be only moments away.

An airbrush tan is achieved when an individual is literally sprayed with self-tanning product. If you have ever watched as a t-shirt is airbrushed or detailing on a car is sprayed on, then you have seen the basic method of an airbrush tan. Even though the tan is instant and does protect the skin from damaging effects of the sun, an airbrush tan does not come without itís own risks. Among them, experts believe that the spraying method may cause some individuals to have difficulty breathing as the product may enter the lungs. During the time that your entire body is undergoing an airbrush tan, there may be fumes or the tanning product itself that enters through the nose and travels into the lungs. If this occurs, it may be harmful.

Another concern with an airbrush tan is how to prevent it from dripping as itís applied. If the product is too runny or simply by itís nature, it may drip or run down the skin. This may cause streaks or bare spots. Some spray tans have a tendency to showcase this problem, which can make obtaining the perfect tan difficult. If an individual should notice this occurring, the process should be stopped until the running product can be rubbed into the skin and blended properly.

On the other hand, an airbrush tan does have itís conveniences. Among them, the pleasure of having someone else do all the work. An airbrush tan is typically given at a salon because, quite simply, an individual cannot give themselves a full body airbrush tan. In addition, the cleanup is left up to the salon owner and the customer doesnít have to do a thing except pay for the tan and walk out of the salon looking like he/she just returned from the beach.

The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes. It should not be considered as, or used in conjunction with, professional medical advice. Consult your dermatologist or physician prior to participating in an airbrush tan if you have any current breathing problems, have mild to severe allergies or any type of skin disorder. You should also consult a physician for additional information and to learn whether or not an airbrush tan will be safe for you.

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