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The Advantages of Indoor Tanning

"Indoor tanning is a controversial issue. There are many people who have concerns that indoor tanning is bad for your skin and your overall health. But the fact of the matter is that there are many advantages to indoor tanning as compared with outdoor tanning. And there are even a few advantages of indoor tanning that are beneficial to you all on their own (irrelevant of comparisons with outdoor tanning). Numerous professionals working in the industry, researchers into the effects of tanning and people who swear by their stops at salons will tell you that there are some great things that indoor tanning can do for you.

Here are a few of the advantages of indoor tanning:

• As compared with outdoor tanning, indoor tanning is a controlled environment. This allows you to get the best tan than you can possibly achieve while minimizing the risk of sunburn and other problems associated with outdoor tanning.

• Indoor tanning gives you the benefit of learning about tanning from a trained professional. It’s true that there are problems with both indoor and outdoor tanning but you can minimize the risks and learn to maximize the benefits by working with these professionals.

• Indoor tanning salons will provide you with information about and access to the products that you need to get a good tan. They’ll make available the tanning lotions that can help your skin and improve your tan’s appearance. And they’ll also be able to provide tan extender lotions that let you keep tanning after you’ve left the salon.

• The indoor tanning salon is, at heart, a salon. In other words, it’s a place where you can go to give yourself a treat. Many people enjoy the benefits of the indoor tanning salon that can’t be obtained outdoors including the pampering, specialized treatment and relaxation of the salon environment.

• Indoor tanning helps to give you the best tan that you can get. This improves your appearance and helps to boost your self esteem. When you look your best, you feel your best. You’ll also continue to look good later on in life since you’re not exposing your skin to the damage of sun rays and the negative effects of outdoor tanning.

• The ultraviolet light used in indoor tanning is believed to have both physical and psychological benefits that can further improve the way that you feel overall. UV light produces Vitamin D. It can reduce cholesterol and improve the efficiency of your heart. And it is even believed to help some people with weight loss.

So, when you go an indoor tanning salon, you achieve a number of advantages over tanning outdoors. You get the safety of a controlled environment in which you learn to use tanning lotions and other products to get the best, safest tan possible. But you also get so much more than this because you obtain psychological benefits from the indulgence of the spa experience and physical benefits from the UV light used in the salon. It may be a controversial issue but this side of it seems clear."

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