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The Advantages of Using Tanning Lotion

"You’ve probably seen the tanning lotions that are on the shelf at every drug store and cosmetics shop in the nation. How can you miss them when they’re sitting right next to the sunscreen that you know to pick up on a regular basis? But have you ever really taken a good look at them and what they do? Tanning lotion can improve the tone of your natural tan and speed the process by which you get it, giving you a glowing appearance that your skin might be lacking.

Most people are confused about the way that tanning lotion works. They think that you just slather the stuff on and then you suddenly have the golden bronzed skin of the movie stars you admire. Not quite. By itself, tanning lotion will only change your skin a little bit. This is why many people who do bother to pick up the product rapidly discontinue its use. But what they don’t realize is that taking that tanning lotion and using it in conjunction with the right tanning techniques and exposure to sun rays (or tanning salon rays) will quicken the tanning process and improve the appearance of the tan.

You might be asking yourself why you would want to use tanning lotion instead of just waiting for the tan to take hold naturally. Well, first things first – a look at reality will rapidly remind you that you’ve got a busy life and a penchant for instant gratification. Really, why wait for that tan to come on its own when you can easily nudge it along with a little lotion? And did you know that the right products will allow you to continue to tan even after you’re no longer in the sun (or at the tanning salon)? Tan extender lotions can be applied so that you can get back to your busy life while still allowing your body to get the most out of the tanning experience.

But, more importantly, tanning lotion offers the advantage of protecting your skin from the elements while you tan. Let’s face it; the sun isn’t very good for your skin. And tanning salons aren’t much better (although they’re a controlled environment). Using tanning lotions can help to prevent the damage that the sun can cause to your skin. They moisturize the body, reducing the drying and wrinkling of the skin that can happen as a result of sun exposure. In a sense, tanning lotions almost act as an anti-aging agent because they allow your skin to tan without obtaining the negative premature aging effects that occur in the sun.

As a result of the fact that your skin is protected – and therefore healthier – when you use tanning lotions, you’ll find that a tan obtained while using the lotion is actually a more attractive tan than one that you get just from being out in the sun too long. A non-lotion tan can sometimes be uneven or splotchy and often reflects the damage that the sun has done to the skin. In contrast, a tan that you get while properly using tanning lotion (and the right tanning techniques) will be smooth and even, allowing your natural glow to shine through your healthy skin."

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