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Airbrush Tanning - Go Bronze without the Risks of Sun Exposure

This innovative way of creating a whole body tan has gained great popularity. Airbrush tanning gives an all over tan without the sun. This increasing popular procedure using an airbrush has made airbrush tanning a natural way to maintain a tan all year round.

This unique tanning system, airbrush tanning, involves a process that gives you an even tan. This new method can be applied in a short period of time compared to using oneís hands to do the same procedure. Airbrush tanning is a quick and easy application procedure. Usually taking only 10 minutes, airbrush tanning lasts for nearly 5 to 10 days.

All one needs to successfully complete this process is an airbrush and a compressor. Airbrush tanning is a new, harmless way to look tan without the chance of skin cancer. Tanning beds give you this risk as well. However, with airbrush tanning, an airbrush that uses clear liquid with dihydroxyacetone is applied to your body to ensure this golden look.

Many salons offer airbrush tanning services. You can also do it yourself with a airbrush tanning kit. Many online retailers offers a wide range of supplies to perform airbrush tanning with. From compressors and brushes, a large selection is offered for your every airbrush tanning need.

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