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How to Get Rid of Extra Tan

Tanners, sun-bathing and sunless tanners have had their effect and it seems you have slightly overdone it. So now how do you get rid of this extra tan? Here are some simple tips to speed us the process of removing the extra tan.

1. Exfoliate: Exfoliating regularly will help quicken the process if the tan is caused by self tanners. As dead cells are removed gradually, your original skin tone will come to sight.

2. Avoid More Damage: Till you get rid of this extra tan, try to avoid full sun as much as possible. Use a good sunscreen and try to stay indoors during the hottest hours.

3. Blotch free: An effective way to get rid of blotchiness is baking soda. Dampen your skin and apply dry baking soda, massaging in circles. This is a safe and effective homemade recipe for exfoliating.

4. Soak if off: Simply soaking in your bath tub will help you get rid of the unwanted tan on your face and body. Sunless tanners color the outermost dead skin cells brown and long hours of soaking will remove those cells.

5. The Natural Course: If your sun tan is mainly natural, you will have to simply leave it that way to go on its own. Stay out of the sun and use a good sunscreen and eventually, your tan will disappear.

6. The Chemical way: Rub in lotions containing alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) to reduce tan lines. And if you simply must, use products with hydrogen peroxide or apply it directly with a swab of cotton. Donít use this method on sensitive areas.

To sum it up, it is safer to go the natural way always and long baths and exfoliating are sure to work most of the time. And be assured that the extra tan will surely go away naturally. Just try to avoid more sun damage.

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