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Why Are Home Tanning Beds So Popular?

Home tanning beds are the latest buzz. Everyone is talking about them and it seems that almost everyone get their own home tanning bed. The question is why? Are all those people making the right decision? Well, lets go over the trends that led to the popularity of home tanning beds:

1. Home tanning beds advanced technology-

The technology of home tanning beds has developed dramatically over the last decade. Tanning lamps use ultraviolet light to cause tanning. Yet, tanning bed technology allow quick tanning and a safe one when following the safety instructions.

Tanning beds are also much smaller than they used to be. The space needed to store a home tanning bed is much smaller now. By the way, you could buy a face tanning machine which will keep your face tanned all year long.

2. Discount tanning beds availability-

Home tanning beds are not as expensive as most think. You can easily find cheap tanning beds that cost as cheap as $750. However, the cost is rising because of the need for tanning bed products such as tanning bed bulbs, tanning bed lotion and tanning bed supplies.

Lately, more and more people who have used to go to tanning salons and use commercial tanning beds over there, decide o get their own home tanning bed.

3. Awareness of sun tanning dangers-

The awareness of the deadly skin cancer has become very common. The fact is that sun tanning is harmful. Home tanning beds could be dangerous as well, but if used correctly for limited times not too frequently, they can bring the same effect of sun tanning but much safer and quicker.

4. Perfect body worship-

Well, we live in a material world. We worship and want to resemble top models with dark tanned skin. Indoor or sunless tanning is not different from the anti aging and excessive fitness and diets trends.

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