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Salon Tanning Beds

Salon tanning beds are used in salons, and are designed to provide a dynamic, deep, dark tan from head to toe with the help of tanning lamps. Salon tanning beds have to be high quality, highly efficient and durable. Most salon tanning beds are provided with advanced UVA technology. They are rated by classes A to D. Class A beds are the most advanced ones. They function faster than basic beds and emit much less UVB rays. These are the largest beds and provide the greatest comfort. Class B beds also maintain high performance, but these are not as quick as class A. Class C beds are a slight upgrade from the basic beds. Class D beds are the basic beds.

Some of the more expensive tanning bed models have facial tanning technology, headrest reflectors, and even integrated stereo systems. The type of tanning bed bulbs, the kind of remote timing mechanism, and the ease with which the tanning bed can be maintained are some important factors to consider. Now you can relax in the latest salon tanning beds with hinged acrylic systems, standard body cooling systems and sharp new designs. There are tanning beds with a reflection facial system that uses high watt face lamps for added facial tanning power. Other features are super-efficient speed system lamps, side body cooling system, advanced after tan cooling system and superflow internal cooling system.

Advanced salon tanning beds are provided with digital security timers, quick-clip acrylic removal systems and pre-wired remote hookups. High tech timers have a built-in and programmable hour meter to monitor time based maintenance tasks. Some of the tanning beds are available in bio-tech tunnel designs, which help you to remain in the center of tanning intensity for a more even tan.

Before purchasing commercial tanning beds, be sure to review all the options. Choose the tanning bed that best fits your customers needs, your tanning salon's needs, and your budget.

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