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Tanning Lotion and Acne - Untold Relationships

The relationship between tanning lotions and acne is new. Until recently, the causes of acne were thought to be food related, and not environmentally related. This thought process has changed considerably, finding that clogged pores are the cause of acne, and that these pores are clogged by having an excess of oil and/or dirt on the body or face. Tanning lotion is made of oil and can contribute to the cause of acne.

Tanning lotion is used immediately after tanning to lock in the bronzed look and to help hydrate the skin to decrease the chances of aging spots and other premature aging issues. These tanning lotions are often applied to the body while it is still warm from the tanning bed. This practice becomes a problem in that the body's pores open when warm, and applying lotion at this point can cause the lotion to seek into the pores and clog the pores. This clogging of the pores is what causes acne.

While tanning lotion is directly responsible for causing acne, tanning itself is the indirect reason for the acne. Though bronze is considered the perfect color for many, coming about it by exposing the body to the harmful radiation caused by ultra violet rays can do more harm than good. If tanning is necessary, consider a spray on or tinted lotion. The body will be thankful for the thought and continue its youthful glow for years down the road. Be nice to the skin, it is the body's first defenses.

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