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Tanning Lotion is Common Sense in a Bottle

When it comes to avoiding burns, whether it is from a full day at the beach or a tanning bed session, a few commonsense precautions should be taken. If you have ever used a tanning bed before, you will know what an enjoyable experience it can be! Occasionally, you can end up with sore and burned skin, known as tanning bed burns. Regardless of the source of your burn, your skin will feel tender, and there is a chance of permanently damaging your skin as well. There are two common sources of burns from indoor tanning beds. It is from an overexposure to UV rays, or the tanning bed user has not applied enough protection against UV rays.

The proper tanning bed lotion will give you this protection. Use only the best ones on the market, and you will find that for the most part burning will become nonexistent. A good lotion will actually stimulate production of melanin and when more melanin pigments are produced, it will allow you to enjoy your tanning bed experience longer.

You will find also that most tanning lotions will have a built-in moisturizer that will help your skin keep its youthful and elastic look. Using a good tanning lotion will help you keep a vibrant healthy tan, without getting your skin too leathery. Use goggles in indoor tanning beds to protect your eyelids from burning. They are specially designed to give 100% protection against UV radiation. Common sense goes a long way and one of the first and simplest things you could do to protect yourself from overexposure to UV rays is to simply limit your time on the tanning bed. If you are a first-time user of a tanning bed, limit your first day to only a few minutes and gradually introduce yourself to the tanning process by increasing time increments progressively. Usually burns occur when people ignore safety warnings and precautions. But most of all, having an enjoyable tanning bed experience starts with just good old commonsense!

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