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It is estimated that about 30 million Americans are indoor tanners. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that we exercise smart tanning. The most important thing to remember when using indoor tanning beds is to learn how not to burn. For this, it is advisable to begin with a base tan and then use sun block when outdoors. However, it is a well-known fact that most indoor tanning bed lotions work even better in the real sun.

It is true that tanning is not necessarily good for anybody. Dark-skinned people are known to use various cosmetics, powders, creams, etc. to become fair. However, prolonged use of such cosmetics can harm tanned skin. The use of tanning lotions is necessary because when human skin is exposed to the sun for a long time, it gets tanned, and tanning lotions offer good protection against this. Tanning bed lotions are called so because they are applied at night before bedtime.

The tanning bed is a much more powerful version of the sun, as far as tanning is concerned. Tanning beds give off at least twice as much ultraviolet (UV) radiation as the sun does, thus giving a stronger tan than the sun. As the human skin is made up of cells and tissues, not using the right lotions can harm and damage the skin when subjected to any tan, indoor or outdoor. Tanning bed lotions protect and moisturize; they also accelerate the tanning process and add a lovely golden brown look. There are many tanning bed lotions available in the market to aid the user to get relief from the burn and other generally harmful rays.

Everyday, newer versions of electronic systems are introduced in the market for use as tanning beds. Some tanning bed lotions contain all kinds of exotic oils from tropical fruits and plants, such as avocado oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil, as well as oils like mink oil and others. The colors that are used for tanning can be easily washed off in a normal wash. In tanning bed lotions, use of mineral oils has been discontinued since vegetable oils have been found to be more effective and skin friendly.

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